About No Limit Candles

The making of a candle requires care and knowledge. We are making for you marvelous handmade candles with special patterns. We are capable of controlling every single step of the process and give to each candle the attention it deserves. We are using only brand perfumes that will take you on a magical evening or will grace the happiest moments of your life.

NO LIMIT CANDLES is a family business located in Athens. We are creating for twenty-five years marvelous candles lighting up your most memorable moments. Our art and handmade candle knowledge has grown up skillfully through the years. Our new creative department is lighting a flame to our inspiration, passion and to our creative skills giving you, unique handmade candles from a dream world so as to find yourself in a magical world full of light, love, fragrances and vibrant colors.

It is this magical place that inspires us and gives us most of the ingredients for our candles. We work very hard every dream and every wish you have. Our aesthetic creations are reminiscent that a handmade candle from No Limit Candles is a delightful experience.

Handmade candles for wedding decoration, baptism decoration, decoration of your personal room or even just to give away to friends. Choose colors, designs, ignite the flame of senses and lose yourself in dreamy fragrances.

The sensations and impressions journey through our handmade candles never stops.

When a candle lights off...the magic stays...